Sunday, May 11, 2014

Afternoon light, Dorset

DSC05724 (1300x974) Its been a quiet weekend in Dorset: with the Big Four jobs done, it was time for relaxing into a lazy spring weekend.  The weather cooperated, alternating sunshine and showers each hour.  

So,’ tasks flexed to fit leisure.

I re-rooted and re-potted some plants after consulting with the local garden centre.  Most are doing well after last weeks surgery, but two needed more encouragement.

.DSC05716 (1300x945) DSC05729 (1300x975)

The grocer had duck eggs on sale, so joined in making a very good kedgeree.  I’m thinking of using milder smoked salmon to replace the smoked haddock next time.

DSC05730 (1300x976) DSC05737 (1300x1211)

The Dutch won second in the Eurovision Song Contest (so I’m told)…with a country-western song?  I was catching up with The Amazing Race, instead.

DSC05733 (1300x972) DSC05721 (1300x950)

The afternoon light was lovely, so ‘wrapped up the weekend exploring along Mudeford Quay, with crab baguettes at the entrance to Christchurch Harbour, and through the foliage and moors in the New Forest near Lyndhurst

DSC05722 (1300x972) DSC05732 (1300x965)

Everywhere, the wind was whipping the waves and trees, singing through the rigging in the sailboats and sighing through the birch leaves.

Both a light weekend and lovely light for sightseeing – I needed both ahead of plunging back in to worklife on Monday.

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