Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Poole Harbour in spring

DSC05757 (1300x453)I had a breakfast meeting with a colleague overlooking Poole Harbour this morning – really an incomparable day, 20 degrees and sunshine.

 DSC05759 (1300x973) DSC05753 (1300x684)

‘makes it hard to work at anything but thinking of going sailing again.

DSC05781 Stitch (1300x461)

’And the sunset was no less wonderful.

DSC05769 (1300x934) DSC05767 (962x1300)DSC05779 (931x1300)DSC05770 (975x1300)DSC05778 (973x1300)DSC05775 (1300x973) DSC05771 (1300x975)

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