Wednesday, June 4, 2014

To the finish line


‘A quick shout-out for my son, who finished the Boulder Boulder in style at the end of the marathon.  The Boulder Camera featured the picture as part of their race coverage.

I returned to Woodside to find that the Tiger Mom and her cub had moved on.  I hope that he does well with his exams; the mom crowded the kitchen most days but they were dedicated to his success.

I’m working the phones this week, explaining the business and wooing investors.  The clinical group meetings went really well yesterday, regulatory and Ethics submissions almost content-ready and a good path to our first human trial later this year.  Development authorities have contacted me about siting production facilities in their regions, offering substantial enabling funds.  Commercial talks have picked up steam.

It’s all very encouraging: the trick is to convert it to committed investments.  And that is a game of numbers and inches, day by day.

Entrepreneurship is all about persistence, to echo Horowitz: A lot of being a successful CEO is not quitting…If you can somehow stay in the box, then, amazingly, you might find yourself in a good position.

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