Friday, June 6, 2014

Winding down Friday

DSC06214 (1104x1300)A stretch and disconnect, brew a little water, ‘take a break in the garden with a cup of milky tea.   A cool breeze is coming in off the sea; a solitary snail slowly makes its way past me, drawn towards my herb beds.  My coriander is glowering; I’ve got plans to add some fennel this weekend after I cut things back.  ‘live and let live: I sacrifice a basil leaf for my mollusk as a good neighbor.

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Friday afternoon, quiet, time to collect a few thoughts from the week.  Conversations with investors, planning with partners, has gone well, but it’s inches each day with a tall hill to climb.  I am back in the exercise habit, an hour each day, but I’ve been missing time along the beach, conversation about life outside of work.

Life needs both purpose and engagement.  The FT reports that this is more than just philosophy or psychology: research shows the positive necessity of both on physical and mental health.

Thus, isolation may be the worst hazard that both expats or entrepreneurs are prey to.  Building a new business or a new home starts as solitary work, the vision and motivation become lonely hours towards an uncertain future.

Connections, to futures and to people, matter.

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At Bournemouth Beach, the surf is rising with the wind, the trees bending. People and birds huddle still, quiet and close on the empty sands.  The cliffs of Wight are highlighted against the horizon by the setting sun.  

Its an almost Hawaiian ambience, except for the evening chill.  

The city fathers have plans to change all of this within a year, reconnecting the town’s river through to the sea, restoring the carousel, renewing the lighting and plantings.

A world-class vision of our future, proclaims the signage. We all have our world-changing aspirations.  Friday evening, though, is time to step back.  Dinner, conversation, laughter, close connection, all keeps the week, keep life, in happier perspective.

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