Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday from the garden to the park

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Saturday dawned early and lazy in Dorset, rising late and starting slow.  ‘water the home garden, a latte and croissant at Bennett’s, a thumb through the Times: it feels like a weekend even before the heat of the day arrives.

DSC06791 (1300x1178)There was little on in Dorset this weekend, only festival  memories attached to the chili blooming on my windowsill, art in the catalogues stacked on the desk.  But, over coffee, music drifted up the hill from Ashley Cross park: Groove on the Green

Well and why not?

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‘actually a low—key local event, perfect for a summer’s afternoon.  Local craft beer (Solar Power), local baked goods (Dark Matters brownies), and local bands passed an afternoon in the sunshine.

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Conversation centered around the vivid tattoos on display,  if it is possible to disagree with ourselves, and whether superior attitudes combined with latent insecurity leads to dissembling.

‘beats working on the weekend.

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