Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Amsterdam overnight

DSC08374 (1300x959)My core legal and banking activities still base in Amsterdam, 2 hours train ride from Maastricht, but the ride north is always a welcome break.  In this case, the visit started with a dusk flight capping a Director’s Meeting in Hungary, but  the t’huis feeling returned on landing, seeing fading Dutch light reflected from the wet fields and incandescent greenhouses.

My colleague signed us up for a night in an AirBnB apartment ear the Centraal Station: the scruffy suite turned out to be a block off the Red Light district along a busy back street of bars and head shops.

.DSC08394 (1300x961) DSC08388 (944x1300)DSC08380 (1300x958) DSC08395 (1300x975)

No matter, the late summer evening was warm and still, the strolling crowds good-natured, and the borrel conversations  (bierje en bitterballen) were relaxed and insightful.

DSC08400 (1300x960) DSC08401 (1300x965)

The morning light, the reflections in the canals while strolling across town to the accountant’s offices, was exceptional.

DSC08403 (972x1300) DSC08414 (1300x957)DSC08411 (1300x962) DSC08420 (974x1300)DSC08419 (1300x975) a DSC08412 (1300x963)

We arrived 10 minutes late for meetings, but who wouldn’t understand?

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