Saturday, September 20, 2014

One lap around the Poole (lagoon)

DSC08610 (1300x951)Herfst is arriving, just a touch of colour in the trees and a rolling fog in the mornings, but summer is gone as surely as the beach crowds. 

However, The Inside Out festival is rolling through Dorset this month, and there was a bamboo sculpture exhibition in Poole Park that had attracted some attention.  I haven’t spent a lot of time in Poole,, preferring the long beaches and upscale coffee shops of Sandbanks when I want to sit and look over the ocean.

This was the chance.

Unfortunately, once I arrived, I found that the sculpture park had been taken down.  Still, it was a good opportunity for a ramble an otherwise grey day.

So, an hour’s walk around the lagoon to look at the birds, boats, and leaves, finding a few photo-ops.

DSC08625 (1300x975) DSC08623 (1300x948)DSC08627 (1300x834) DSC08617 (1300x1010)DSC08614 (1300x974) DSC08620 (1300x1037)DSC08622 (1300x964) DSC08619 (1300x975) DSC08636 (1300x977) DSC08631 (1300x890)

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