Sunday, October 26, 2014

Autumn light along the Maas

There’s an ancient myth that the light in the Netherlands is different from anywhere else.  There’s a diffuse yellow-orange cast that permeates both landscapes and interior, depicted by Old Masters and current artists.

The colour spreads best later in the day, towards sunset when the sky DSC09678 (1300x840)lights yellow and tints the riverbanks and townhouses with earth tones.  It accentuates in autumn, when the leaves seem to amplify the glow. 

It was unusually intense this weekend, worth a break to take a few later-season pictures from the banks and the high bridge over the Maas river.

DSC09670 (1300x962) DSC09669 (1300x969)DSC09672 (1300x1043) DSC09676 (1300x1067)DSC09674 (1300x975) DSC09673 (1300x1048)DSC09671 (1300x571) DSC09675 (1300x977)

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