Saturday, October 11, 2014

Morning scenes across Poole Harbor

DSC08823 (1300x947)

I didn’t think it had gotten so cold overnight: we’re just into October and most leaves are still in the trees.  But there were remnants of ice on the windshield when I went to the shop.  The skies were gun-metal blue, low mist and clouds on the horizon.  The sun was just rising orange against the hills to the north. 

I changed direction: A wander down along the peninsula might turn up some good light, or a good spot for a coffee to watch the early traffic out of the harbor.

DSC08826 (1300x961) DSC08829 (1300x970)

It was nice: the boats along Sandbanks were nicely stranded in the mud and the water was still along the docks.  The joggers rattled past me, while Channel Ferry glided through in the distance.

DSC08862 (1300x960) DSC08827 (1300x974)DSC08863 (1300x971) DSC08834 (974x1300)

Towards the chain ferry, the tide was running in  quickly, the the tide was running: Sailors and fishermen lined up to take advantage of the flow.

DSC08850 (974x1300) DSC08855 (1300x973)DSC08859 (1300x963) DSC08847 (1300x973)

‘one of those mornings that it would be really nice to be out on a sailboat again, pulling on gloves and hats, getting the rigging set, sorting through the day’s cruise details. 

I found myself looking at the clouds, gauging wind and weather. Definitely a bite to the morning, a shift in the wind, for those heading out. I’d be looking for shelter by nightfall.

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