Saturday, November 8, 2014

Grey skies in morning

DSC09745 (1300x975)Back in the sloppy, wet UK: frost on the roofs and scaffolds against Woodside’s backside.  The drip through the roof had turned into a three-bucket stream in my absence as weather fronts rolled in from the southwest.

DSC09751 (1300x975) DSC09771 (1300x973)

The weather warmed with each successive wave of rain, though, and so I took a wander along the coast east of Christchurch to Mudeford Bay.

I found a satisfying surge of surf washing over the seawall, submerging the tires of the stormwatchers huddled in their cars.  At least one boat already lay overturned in the harbour. 

A lone fisherman stood among the rocks of the outer breakwall, waves breaking over his boots in a white froth.

DSC09765a (615x367) DSC09768 (1300x975)DSC09764 (1300x959)

It all gets much more interesting when put into motion, of course.

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