Sunday, November 2, 2014

A last glance at Marrakech: In the souks

DSC09459 (1300x956)A lot of my time in Marrakech seemed spent scurrying through the maze of twisty passages (all alike) that make up the vast Medina of market stalls across the heart of the city.   Sometimes the best strategy was to wander aimlessly (all roads lead to the tanneries), other times to link with a tour group (great among the metalworkers).

In all cases, though,avoid any locals offering directions (sooner or later they would ask 300 dihram).

DSC09579 (1300x972)DSC09573 (975x1300)DSC09576 (975x1300)DSC09542 (957x1300)DSC09456 (968x1300)DSC09457 (1300x1009)DSC09297 (1300x974)DSC09281 (975x1300)DSC09544 (1300x975)DSC09584 (955x1300)DSC09548 (1044x1300)DSC09570 (954x1300)DSC09582 (1300x974)DSC09571 (1236x1300)DSC09555 (1300x975)DSC09561 (1300x978)

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