Friday, December 12, 2014

A little bit of London

DSC00317 (975x1300)‘More investor meetings and visa documentation Friday,  so I needed an early trip back from accountants to immigration folks, Amsterdam to Heathrow.  Dates are now set for the review with the Home Office, fees paid and the detailed evidence in preparation.  The Activity Log alone took a day to complete: I needed to account for every coming and going from the UK for the past five years, matched to passport stamps. 

With luck, this will be the last time and I can start to settle.

DSC00313 (1300x962) DSC00332 (1300x962)DSC00367 (894x1300)DSC00322 (975x1300)DSC00357 (973x1300)

I lingered in London into the week end, a chance to get some shopping in and enjoy the displays.  London is happily unpredictable at Christmas: a street may suddenly fill with bicycling Santas’s,  or a sooted passageway can open onto a courtyard filled with lights.

DSC00348 (938x1300) DSC00349 (1300x971)DSC00351 (1300x974) DSC00352 (975x1300)

Fortnum and Mason has some of the best windows in the city, this year a cottony fantasy built around seasonal foods and drinks.  Inside, the store was absolutely packed, a lot of expats picking up take-home items alongside Brits decorating and cooking. 

DSC00359 (975x1300) DSC00360 (1300x893) DSC00365 (975x1300)DSC00361 (1300x912) DSC00362 (1300x965)

Its easy to feel the urgency settling in with less than two weeks until Christmas.

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