Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Building the business

DSC00821 (1300x974)I’m in our Sheffield Incubator site today, hosting an investor visit to review our product and facilities.  A grey, rainy January outdoors contrasts with the tidy, warm lab space that our chemists have built in the past few months.  The plasma rig glows in the corner, vacuum pumps and fans rumble across the room.  Magnified images of the coated surfaces flank the full catheter prototypes, progressing towards clinical trial.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sorting through the progress made during the past two years: coating absorption in 2013, incomplete drying in 2014.  Were we making any progress year over year?

Today, its clear that we have.

DSC00818 (1300x974) DSC00828 (874x1300)DSC00822 (918x1300) DSC00826 (1300x945)

Everyone has done a great job working together to get to this milestone, and the investor assessments are uniformly good.  I’m taking a pair of prototypes back to London on the train this evening with a lot of optimism and gratitude for our scientists and angels. As with the new Engineering Building rising net door, we’re building something wonderful.

At last.

WP_20150107_002 (1300x732) DSC00817 (1300x926)DSC00825 (1300x957) WP_20150107_003 (1300x732)

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