Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rushing about, still

WP_20150120_006Would you like a sleep suit?  The question was baffling.

A onesie?  Worse.

A glass of champagne? I nodded, gratefully.

‘minus the accessory, yes.

I had made a late reservation to a Board meeting in Jacksonville, and Virgin tucked me into Upper Class.  The menu promised a flight of Mojitos (rum, vodka, gin, champagne, and seltzer variations), WP_20150120_003beef wellington, Romanian wines, and a lie-flat sleeper.  Since the movies were limited, I enjoyed the rare peace to eat well, read quietly, and sleep comfortably.

I considered Instagram-ing the experience, but I’m still trying to sort out the best was to use it. Websites that teach Instagram best-practices suggest to have a distinctive point of view or theme and not to over—share.  So, how best to visually describe my unique expat-entrepreneur experience?  A sequential narrative, or a moment; people or places?  What is recognizable and compelling? Is it travel-blogging or something more?

IMG_20150120_103820 WP_20150120_002

The jet stream is unusually strong this year, so westerly flights are slow, easterly returns fast.  Layovers in Atlanta in crowded desultory lounges are dispiriting (although the terrace in International is wonderful).  It was nice  to finally arrive in Florida after 22 travel hours: Palms and birds, golf courses and open-air restaurants, warm alternatives to cold Poole.  This is part of why one joins a Board.

WP_20150119_001Our two days of working sessions brainstormed a few new strategies and resolved a lot of issues.  There was good wine and tall tales to cap each day’s work.

There was a lot to be done in England a well so I embraced the jet lag, getting up around 4 am for five hours work before the executive sessions began.  Calls to the US from the UK have a distinctive ring and everyone could tell that I was out of position.  But email and phone conferences work the same is if I was home, and nobody could really complain about how I spent my own weekend.

IMG_20150119_155508 DSC00978 (1300x975)

I’ve read that international airline pilots get three days off for every four that they fly.  It should be the same for me: two days in the US and back to Europe is brutal (although w.wezen reminds me to say Things are a bit difficult at present, instead).  It was satisfying to have my new residency on entry, the Border greeting seemed a tad warmer than usual.

OnesieMy only regret is not saying ‘Yes to the onesie when it was offered.  Apparently they have a lot of utility after the flight, even if some think they are a bit scratchy.

Thank you, Richard, and next time for sure. ‘just don’t call them ‘pyjamas’ any more.

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