Sunday, January 11, 2015

Trekking around Lulworth

DSC00947 (945x1300)The week hasn’t gone badly: steady progress across the Big 5 issues towards a better future.  I’ve decided that the first month of 20015 requires resolve: resolutions will wait until life settles into form at February.

Still, its hard not to worry, and the quiet of a Sunday morning leave stark uncertainties.  Europeans typically take a trek and air out their anxieties, so we headed to the coast.   The Cove was a bit sheltered despite the windy, bitter cold on the bluffs; bursts of rain separated by sunny intervals.

DSC00942 (1300x972)DSC00922 (1300x958)DSC00921 (1300x1200)DSC00925 (1300x968)DSC00951 (1300x975) - CopyDSC00939 (1300x975)DSC00935 (1300x975)

DSC00924 (1300x973)A few hardy families and dog walkers picked their way across the rocks.  There were few boats at anchor this time of year, the restaurants and inns mostly shuttered for the season. 

The remainder, couples huddled in the pub over newspapers and the hissing tide rolling pebbles along the beach, was quietly seasonal, peaceful.

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