Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday meanderings

DSC01114 (1300x961)The NYTimes is out with their list of 52 places to go in 2015.  I’ve been to 23, and have strong agreement with two (Yellowstone Park and Cleveland).  It’s equal parts reflection on places visited, checklist of spots overlooked, and inspiration for life’s next adventure.

But, being Tuesday, back to the mundane.

DSC01111 (940x1300)It’s VAT week, which means receipts piled high around the Lilac Room and mild cursing over the things that sneak onto my charge bills.  Tallying up the months, reconciling with the accounts, summarizing for the bookkeepers takes ages; its my least favorite, but most necessary task. each quarter.

I will honestly pay, in real (devalued) Euros, for good help.

I’m progressing through my photography course, finally sorting the triangle of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO Sensitivity.  It’s ironic that I am learning all the settings after all this time, but the series of photos with different settings is really helpful in setting the information.

DSC01083 (1300x970)DSC01081 (1300x971)DSC01078 (1300x972)

DSC01112 (1300x966)Friends called to ask if I’d like to join for coffee over at Sandbanks Yacht Company.  It s a nice hour’s break from writing and receipts, so I jumped at the chance.  There’s an increasing UKIP cast to the group, not (at all) my cup of tea, but I’ve been honest that I’m opposed and they gave up trying to argue the points, so we’re at a gentleman’s truce.  DSC01116 (1300x974)We mainly discuss strategies for funding startups, the costs vs. benefits of membership (the same as my gym), and places to visit in Romania (don’t ask).

It’s nice to spend time with other folks  at a break in the workday : I’m convinced that an expats worst enemy is isolation.

DSC01121 (938x1300)I had business in London today, so waking to a 1” blanket of white at 5 am was a concern.  In Seattle, that would have closed schools, businesses, and buses: Everyone would take sleds to the hills.  I expected no less of my British brethren.

But, surprisingly, they ignored it all.  The buses ran late, the trains in bursts, and orange shoe covers were all the fashion.  I made all if my meetings and there wasn’t a comment or raised eyebrow in evidence.

‘Just a lot of salt / sand spreaders everywhere on the motorways.

DSC01126 (1300x975) DSC01131 (1300x953)

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