Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday along the Cam

DSC01657 (1300x950)The Assessment for my Medical Devices class was held in the Biotech Centre today.  We changed the format a bit, asking students to find a niche for an emerging technology, a use for a component, as opposed to building a business case around a single product and patient group.  DSC01719 (940x1300)Everyone did well on the assignment, lots of insight and energy as one would expect from Cambridge.

I’d hoped to get more time to walk around town, perhaps a visit to the Kettles Yard gallery and coffee with friends.  But there was a lot of admin work to do, HR and shareholders, and some last-minute tweaking on the financial models.  By the time we finished, the day had turned drizzly and dark.

DSC01647 (1300x957) DSC01659 (1300x922)DSC01664 (1278x1300) DSC01675 (1300x1179) DSC01671 (960x1300)DSC01679 (1300x975) Cam 1

DSC01653 (1300x975)Still, the trees were showing first blooms and there were punters on the Cam: it will be Pimms and strawberries season soon enough.

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