Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Approaching Easter holidays

DSC02044 (1300x975)The big spring holidays are swinging into motion in Europe, with a four-day weekend and Easter holidays starting Friday.  The Tube is full of schoolkids, excited in a half-dozen languages;  Piccadilly Circus overflows with groups jostling for the best selfie. 

Over at St. James Church, the cherry blossoms are out.  Our CEO visited Tokyo’s gardens last week, sending back lovely pictures.   Friends in Japan are also starting to share compositions. For me, the flowering trees in London, Cambridge, and Poole will comprise the displays this year.

RIMG1362 RIMG1372

IMG_20150331_103237 (1300x1300)Tuesday:  I’m feeling like Tokyo as well, on the early train into London for meetings .  The presentations are going better now that I have finished product to show and revenue plans to promote.  But it’s still a long day on the hustling's, ending at 6 pm, wearily dodging the holiday throngs.

‘Time out for balans en grenzen, leavening work with reward.

DSC02035 (975x1300)The Easter displays are brightly lit as darkness falls outside Fortnum and Mason.   The store glows bright daffodil-chick yellow; gigantic chocolate eggs and molded bunnies grace every table.  Larger items cost upwards of £100, but there are stacks of hand-painted boxes inlaid with rose and violet infused puur chocolate flowers that are perfect for giving.

And so I shall Smile

DSC02028 (1300x975) DSC02031 (1300x975)DSC02032 (1300x975) DSC02036 (975x1300) DSC02030 (975x1300)DSC02034 (1300x975) DSC02027 (1300x975)

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