Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cambridge Six-One

DSC00050‘not the Oxford - Cambridge race result, but the university as my venue for marking another year passed.  The only requirement was that the day be set aside as special, spent with people rather than work, and doing a few things that enrich life rather than defining it.

DSC00058So, Cambridge it was, with warm spring sunshine and gardens and trees flowering along the River Cam.  There were many lovely thoughts from friends across the span of years begat loomed on social media, reminding me of the people, experiences, and ideas that shaped the first cycle of my life.

Now one year into being a sexagenarian, the day was spent (and, with a new camera, liveblogged) as... 

DSC00012The Orchard the start: buttered scones, strong coffee, and limpid beach chairs amidst flowering cherry trees.


DSC00040 (1300x839)Midday walking the Colleges and bridges, and a 1:28 pm toast (8:28 am est ) with Cointreau to the official start of sixty-one.

DSC00049 (1300x829)

DSC00066 (1300x851)



Afternoon, a narrow-boat cruise aboard Rosie, plying the Cam downstream from Jesus Locks.  (Ironically, my real-life relocation specialist Rosie checked in by messenger during the cruise).

DSC00081 (1300x847) DSC00085 (1300x867)DSC00102 (1300x836) DSC00084 (1300x814)

Drinks at the Eagle, dinner at the Cau, and reflections at Wolfson over craft beers fills the evening.

DSC00109 (1300x864)IMAG0007 (664x1300)DSC00115

I still feel vital and engaged, not at all at the threshold of senior years.  It’s a lucky state of affairs, I know.  Lucky, too, to share it together.

DSC00104‘and, to close the circle,  the 70th staging of the Oxford-Cambridge boat race will be held on April 11.

‘Bet on the baby blues..

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