Thursday, May 14, 2015

Parkstone morning

DSC00988 (1400x933)

‘starting to think ahead to the weekend, and the possibilities for some walks, pictures, and cooking.   It’s not summer enough yet to plan more ambitions sailing, art, and travel, but some great possibilities are starting to bubble up.

Armed with shopping lists I made the trek down to Parkstone, the butcher, baker, coffee maker, before laying into the day’s work.

DSC00990 (1400x932) - Copy DSC00994 (1400x1161) - Copy DSC01002 Stitch (916x1400)DSC00982 (1400x1149) DSC00980 (1400x940)DSC00998 (912x1400) DSC00981 (1400x821)DSC00987 (1334x1400) DSC01007 (1400x816)

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