Friday, July 24, 2015

Saltern Point sunset

DSC02575 (1400x924)Folks in the Dorset Landscapes group have been posting lovely pictures from around Poole Harbour at sunset.  In some ways, it’s easy light for taking striking pictures:  High key, high contrast, saturated colours, lots of reflections.  At the same time, that’s the challenge: Is there a composition, an ambiguity, a moment that captures the feel of the place.

Once you’ve reached a new destination, experience it, understand it and enjoy it before you take any photographs. Then scout for fresh angles and moods that gives your photographs a unique, fresh look and feel, suggests Amr Tahtawi.

So, this evening, I wandered all around the point and sat on a few rocks, both above and along the waterline, both over the marsh and facing the Habour.  Then I felt ready to settle in to wait for the sunset.

DSC02578 (1400x908)DSC02601 (1400x933)DSC02576 (1400x933)DSC02581 (1400x921)DSC02580 (1400x930)DSC02584 (1400x929)

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