Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer scenes

DSC01918 (1400x903)Although summer is about theater, art, and festivals, its also a time that I look forward to leaving the crowds behind.  There should be quieter moments spent with small boats, coastal paths, and country drives, where there’s almost always something unexpected or interesting to liven the journey.

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DSC01881 (1400x933)Work is almost done on a new bridge serving the Thames Walk at Reading, workmen advancing the span foot by foot over the river at sunset.  It brought out the retired engineers along the riverbanks to advise and critique, comparing the new construction techniques with the old.

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DSC01975 (1198x1110)A series of sports playoffs are being held along Sandbanks Beach this month.  Last weekend was the CEV British Beach Volleyball competition, while the British Beach Polo finals start tomorrow. 

I expected these would be heavily commercial, spring break style promotional events, but they seem to be staged seriously and attract a lot of spectators.  The quality of play is excellent and, given some Pimms and a sunny afternoon, it’s an agreeable time at the beach.

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DSC01999 (932x1400)Cambridge is similarly settling into summer as the May Balls end and students head off for their break.  I’ve been taking contemplative late afternoon walks through town and along the Cam, taking care of myself and nudging memories and perspectives into place. 

Wolfson College is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its founding, so has created craft anniversary beers to enjoy each evening.  Great stuff, but it makes breakfast discussions about British history and Middle Eastern archaeology a bit more challenging.

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