Saturday, August 8, 2015

Poole Quay, Saturday

DSC03075 (1400x933)Shopping complete, laundry done, packing finished.  The mail chirps with new incoming messages, but it’s late to engage with the US.   I’ve finished my exercise, my novel, and my Board planning.

‘ready for a  change of scene.

DSC03061 (1400x908) DSC03067 (1400x906)

5 Woodside is quiet.  Our Cardiologist huddles among books in the living room, studying for a certification examination.  A  new couple from Portugal, both nurses, are making their first dinner together.

I pack a camera and tablet and head for Poole Quay.

DSC03078 (930x1400) DSC03081 (1400x908)DSC03090 (1400x903) DSC03097 (1400x933)

The Quay is Harbour and Nightlife in the historic part of town, layered streets of ships, pubs, and restaurants, interspersed with music.  I think that port cities always hold a district like this one, from Baltimore to Maastricht, Seattle to Stockholm, transcending country and culture..  People congregate where there are lights reflecting on water, laughter over candle-lit tables, and slow walks in sea breezes.

DSC03105 (1400x933)DSC03092 (1400x927)

It’s a nice evening to read, to take a few pictures, and to enjoy watching the milling couples.

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