Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sculpture by the Lakes

DSC04340 (1400x933)I love a sculpture garden.  Barbara Hepworth’s garden in St. Ives is a particularly good one, as was a playful temporary one in the Loire Valley that I chanced on a few years ago.  There are several scattered across the UK, mostly run by private foundations, operating over the summer with rotating works by various artists.

DSC04435 (1400x933) DSC04366 (1400x933)

Sculpture on the Lakes is a half hour drive northwest of Poole, set well off the track along Dorset’s Pallington Lakes.  It’s a quiet setting surrounded by cornfields and cow pastures, laced with electric transmission lines that contrast with the flowering bushes.  Admission is £10 and includes the gallery and gardens; it takes an hour or so to stroll and pause, stroll and pause among the works.

DSC04342 (1400x933) DSC04367 (1400x855)

DSC04434 (933x1400)I thought that it was a bit of a monoculture: large sleek metal-works depicting birds and sprites, each on a grassy pad set monumentally apart from the others.  They vary from whimsical to pretentious, some set into descriptive text while others benefit from walk-around contemplation.  The best were set onto the ponds, where reflections of the sky and sculpture mingled on the surface.


DSC04415 (1400x933) DSC04423 (1400x1203)DSC04403 (933x1400) DSC04404 (1140x1400)

I liked the huge heads against the Dorset sky, the green sprite set down into the stream, and a stabile above the still waters at the center of the park.

DSC04392 (933x1400)DSC04407 (933x1400)DSC04408 (932x1400)

‘lots of helpful volunteers and an ice cream hut for a hot day – ‘worth a stop for a contemplative break along the drive between Bournemouth and Salisbury.

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