Friday, September 25, 2015

Evening light along the harbour

DSC05615 (1400x914)

It’s been the usual whirl of activity that follows a week of travel.  Phone calls and emails, coffee with associates and prep for chairing next week’s MedTech Investing Conference in London filed each day.

Hungarian couple Robert and Christa have upgraded their pizza delivery business: DSC05617 (1400x1036)a classy new motorcycle and deluxe pizza box to make the rounds.  They get out into the countryside with it when not working.

Away from the computer, I’ve focused on the basics: getting regular sleep, preparing fresh meals, and exercise each day.  I started at 200 cals / 20 mins, but was back up to full 45 minute HIIT routines / 600 cals by week’s end.  The summer’s excess weight began to drop off in parallel: October’s goal is to be back to where I was in spring.

It’s also been good to get the feet moving again.  My PT has tut-tutted over the stiffness in my small bones, reminding me that stretching and walking remain important.  So, I’m taking more time along the shore again, usually late in the day, looking for the first signs of autumn, looking for the best light and composition.

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