Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Winchester Christmas Market

DSC07070 (1024x680)We’re entering the season where Christmas Markets pop up across Europe, filling town squares with stalls that spill golden light, rich scents, and spiced breads.  Britain improves it’s offerings year by year, and one of the best venues (with ice rink) lies in the shadow of historic Winchester Cathedral.

DSC07035 (1024x683) DSC07033 (1024x674)

The setting is reminiscent of Koln: rows of stalls huddled beneath the massive stone edifice, strings of lights illuminating the milling crowds.  There is a good selection of food and crafts, and free entry to the historic church.  The w.wezen chose a string of aromatic dried fruits, I lined up for chestnuts, we shared mulled wine with whisky and raclette.

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And the cathedral was . majestic, as always.

DSC07087 (1024x660) DSC07090 (671x1024)

‘tis the season, so soon.  And an absolute delight.

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