Friday, November 6, 2015

Misty morning webs

DSC06472Last Sunday dawned a wintery damp Berkshire morning,  thick fog and chill streets.  I stepped out, bundled up in the still morning air, to forage for coffee and croissants.  The last of the autumn leaves are dropping off the lowest branches, gold and scarlet leaves spread a sodden skirt across the sidewalk beneath.  A couple of dog-walkers emerge from the mist, nod an acknowledgement, then hurry on.

Whilst taking a few pictures of the neighborhood through the mist, I noticed that the spiders had been busy overnight (it was Halloween, after all), their webs a cottony white accent on most of the bushes and trees.

DSC06476 (683x1024) DSC06488 (672x1024) DSC06485 (672x1024)

The mist left dewdrops that actually outlined the webs very nicely.  So, it seemed worth some experiments with the camera to see what I might be able to capture.

DSC06450s DSC06465sDSC06468s DSC06453sDSC06454s DSC06479sDSC06478s DSC06466sDSC06484s DSC06482s

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