Saturday, December 5, 2015

Blustry days in Bournemouth

DSC07287 (1024x681)The southern edge of Storm Desmond grazed Dorset yesterday, drawing in strong southwesterlies that raised tides and waves all along the coast.  It also stayed unseasonably warm, additionally drawing surfers and stormwatchers together along the piers.

DSC07306 (1024x662) DSC07309 (1024x682)DSC07294 (1024x671) DSC07295 (1024x682)DSC07296 (1024x683) DSC07350 (894x822)

V4I think the waves were running about a meter, with spray and foam running higher.  Paddling into position was difficult.  But every now and again someone would catch a swell heroically, to the delight of the huddled onlookers.

‘could have been a lovely sailing day…

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