Thursday, December 10, 2015

It’s a bit wet in the Wyck

DSC08211 (1024x927)

It’s been a wet week in Maastricht, warmer than usual but punctuated by rolling clouds and driving rain.  I have been regularly soaked pedaling around to meetings and appointments.

Still, the reflecting pavements and wet colours make the city look clean and alive, ‘never a bad time to go out and loo for photo opps.

DSC08212 (1024x681) DSC08202 (682x1024)DSC08218 (1024x806) DSC08189 (1024x682)DSC08198 (1024x651) DSC08192 (1024x1020)DSC08204 (1024x663) DSC07721 (1024x683)

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