Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunrise at Sandbanks

DSC07520 (1024x655)Storm Desmond blew itself out overnight, although the North of England and Scotland were hit with terrible rains and flooding.  The wind rattled my windows and whistled in the eaves until early morning, when the sky turned pearly white, then shreds of blue and pink. 

I couldn’t sleep anyway, ‘better to go down to the beaches and along the harbour to see what the world was looking like at sunrise.

DSC07508 (1024x662) DSC07487 (1024x680)DSC07504 (1024x652) DSC07482 - CopyDSC07537 (1024x680) DSC07516 (1024x651)DSC07546 (869x1024) DSC07548 (1024x679)DSC07542 (1024x682) DSC07514 (1024x680)DSC07545 (1024x678) DSC07476 (683x1024)DSC07541 (1024x660) DSC07496 (1024x681)

It was at it’s best, actually…

Phyllis might have approved

DSC07525 (1024x669) DSC07524 (1024x665)

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