Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year’s 2016

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DSC08470 (2)‘wishing all of my friends and readers a very happy and fulfilling New Year!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Maintaining traditions


We planned for a trip out to the champagne brunch at the Greenbriar Inn, a lovely restaurant set in the snowy foothills just north of Boulder.  Like trips to the Tetons years ago, it’s become a special tradition among us at this time of year. They set out a lavish Christmas buffet with oysters and cheeses, carvery and pastries, a real contrast to the smaller portions and delicate presentations traditional in Europe.  This is solid regional cooking in abundance, and few restaurants do it better.

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My parents and I had a pretty perfect day for doing a leisurely brunch and conversation together.  The skies and snow were classic Colorado blue and white, the buffet seasonally varied and well-laid.  The ambience wasn’t that much different from when the kids and I visited with my parents at this time last year.

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Someone remarked to me that we don’t mend the gaps that people leave in our lives, but instead populate them with our memories.  We all remembered the good times together with William, the occasional complicated challenge, and speculated about who he might have become.  As with all of our children, he is much loved, and he is missed.

And as the courses and topics pass into early afternoon, this luncheon remains, then as now, a welcome and close time with family, valued lots.