Saturday, January 9, 2016

A blustry day on Avon Beach

IMG_2016_ (97)Pearly morning light found us camped in the Noisy Lobster, a local beach hut / café ideally positioned to watch the crashing waves and gliding kite-surfers over coffee, pancakes, and eggs. 

IMG_2016_ (197) IMG_2016_ (199)IMG_2016_ (134) IMG_2016_ (198)

When the sun emerged, it was almost spring-like along the beach, and lots of folks were out for a stroll.  Children tried to outrun the waves, bikers and joggers squinted into the wind, and couples huddled for warmth all along the beach.  The huts were still largely shut for the season, with only a few souls bundled beneath blankets for a day out.

IMG_2016_ (153) IMG_2016_ (168)IMG_2016_ (150)IMG_2016_ (170) IMG_2016_ (163)

Yes, it was very windy…

IMG_2016_ (195)IMG_2016_ (192)IMG_2016_ (193)IMG_2016_ (194)

…and, yes, I need a haircut.

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