Friday, January 8, 2016

Back in Bournemouth

IMG_2016_ (75)It’s been spitting rain and gusting wind today, a good test for the new beach jacket and top-cover that my parents gave me for beach walking.  It was lovely to stand atop East Cliff again, the rolling waters spread beneath out to the Isle of Wight.  I’d worked the morning before joining up for lunch at Harry Ramsden’e, a local fish emporium that offers a wonderfully light and crisp batter-dipped filet.

IMG_2016_ (82) IMG_2016_ (173)IMG_2016_ (196) IMG_2016_ (84)

The blowing sand absolutely any exposed bit of skin (at least, that which wasn’t numb from the cold).  There was shelter in the lee of the pier, overlooking surfers out to challenge the rolling waves.  IMG_2016_ (96)I loved the flat yellow light and the way it highlighted the beach and boardwalk.  The sands have been moved around lots by the winter storms that passed through during the holidays; bulldozers have pressed up steep berms to slow the erosion until the winds die down and the beach can be readied for a new season.

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