Sunday, January 24, 2016

Harbour lights, Sunday evening

IMG_20160124_160637A long day getting the end-of-month accounts done: receipts, exchange rates, time sheets, VAT.  It’s probably the worst job of the quarter, every quarter.

At the end, I just needed to set it aside and get a little bit of an airing.  The Quay is always a good destination, people and a festival spirit, boats and beers.  Tonight was misty low cloud and mist, hard to get any photos that weren’t just grey and flat.

IMG_20160124_161432 IMG_20160124_160247IMG_20160124_160936 IMG_20160124_160319

But when it got a bit darker and the lights came on, it took on a nice character, even with the crummy camera built into the Nexus.

IMG_20160124_164813 IMG_20160124_165137IMG_20160124_161512 IMG_20160124_220639

‘gotta love catching the ‘Magic Hour’

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