Thursday, February 4, 2016

Along the Cam and back in class

DSC08527 (1300x861)I always look forward to teaching each spring.  It puts experiences into perspective and focuses my thinking on what makes a difference in business and in life.  This year I’m mentoring a GapSummit team as well, bright young things with amazing ideas for improving healthcare. 

Ethos, Pathos, Logos, observed Aristotle, are the three pillars of successful public speaking.  My team certainly has two of those qualities in abundance.

And while I strive for all three, as I reviewed my slide deck from last year, it seemed absurdly naive.  Life teaches lessons if you listen, and people do change.

I’m not sure that it’s a good thing that I understand how to construct a Quality Management System in just one month.  But I do know understand the process and importance.  I worked until 1 am, two nights running, revising all 70 slides, and got a result that I’m pleased with. 

‘good feedback from the class as well.

DSC08531 DSC08546 DSC08536

‘rainy day around Cambridge, weighing a bit on my spirit, but perfect for getting quality time with my camera, finally back from the shop.  I went in search of people, reflections, and colourful umbrellas.

DSC08538 DSC08539DSC08578 DSC08577

The best scenes, as always, are found down along the River Cam.

DSC08553 DSC08567DSC08560 DSC08557

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