Monday, March 28, 2016

Thames walk from Marlow

DSC09788 (1300x867)Easter Monday, once a chance to catch up during the bank holiday, now a day that I religiously take away from my desk.  The coming week will be a busy road trip, so it seemed appropriate to balance with a quiet walk along the Thames in the first days of spring.

DSC09776 (1300x866) DSC09762 (1300x867)DSC09795 (1300x867) - Copy DSC09792 (1300x866)

The light was great, the boats were out, and lots of stately mansions and old churches to study.  The trail was muddy from the weekends rains, slippery and clodding to shoes.  No matter, we skirted the puddles, clinging to tree trunks and swinging along the edges of the path. 

DSC09797 (1300x866) DSC09802 (1300x867)DSC09790 (1300x867) DSC09766 (1300x867)

40 minutes out, it became apparent that there was no ‘next village’ anywhere in sight before sunset, so we turned back for traditional pub grub and beer (gin and tonic for the heartier souls).

More pictures, of course, on my Flickr page

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