Sunday, November 6, 2016

At the Hastings Herring Fair

DSC04976 (867x1300)This is Bonfire Weekend across the UK, celebrations of Guy Fawkes night held in communities and fireworks lasting towards morning.  We spent it in the seaside fishing town of Hastings, along the East Sussex coast between Brighton and Dover.
The town is famous for the Battle of Hastings in 1066, the tart of the NormanDSC05020 (867x1300) Conquest of England.  The battle between William, Duke of Normandy and King Godwinson of England was lost n October 14, and the town celebrates with historical reenactments and bonfires two weeks ahead of Guy Fawkes night.  So, the town was quiet, the nearest celebrations over an hour away.
However, luck on our side, Hastings was holding its annual Herring Fair
DSC04956 (1300x867) DSC05016 (867x1300)DSC04963 (1300x867) DSC05013 (1300x867)DSC04972 (1300x867) DSC04959 (1300x867)
A celebration of all things fishy, there were local deep-fried fish dishes, craft beers, and sea shantys sung throughout the day.  I avoided the cooking classes in favour of enjoying the music, the docks, and a few conversations with the locals.
DSC04980 (866x1300) DSC05018 (1300x866)DSC05017 (1300x867) DSC05114 (1300x867)
A few London-name acts appeared, but were mostly late and unenthusiastic comparedDSC05019 (867x1300) to the town-based musicians.  The smoked fish was excellent (my w.wezen gave me my first taste of milk-poached kippers and mackerels were prepared back at home the next day –actually a joy despite my suspicion of fish and egg combination breakfast), and the beers were pleasingly strong (especially when compared to the watery brews offered in Chicago’s pubs).

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