Wednesday, April 13, 2016

East Cliff, West Bay

DSC00493 (Medium)‘Out to Bridport for a Friends meeting after a bit of a roller-coaster day.  As it turned out, I was two weeks early for the meeting, but on-time for a sunset beach walk along one of the best parts of the Jurassic Coast.

 DSC00485 (Medium) DSC00507 (Medium) DSC00513 (Medium)

The fishermen and motorcyclists were also done for the night, congregating around the Fish ‘n Chip shacks next to the moorage.  They really get the recipe right along the docks, light and crisp.  I settled in with my paper portion to watch the storm clouds build and put the day to rest.

DSC00504 (Medium) (2) DSC00491 (Medium)

It turned out to be the perfect time to look for some good light along the village harbour, and to enjoy the changing colours of the cliffs as the tide began to come in.

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