Thursday, August 11, 2016

Back online

DSC02866 (1300x866)‘sorry to have been missing the past few weeks: it’s been a busy travel interval mingled with a couple of technical failures and a brief illness.  Things are progressing with the products, though, and life has generally been good.  My sincere thanks to the folks who have asked how things are going, I apologize for worrying you.

A friend pointed out that if I’m going to focus my attention on a limited number of social media channels, then I need to be both vocal and visible on them.  For me, that would be narrative on this blog and images on Instagram.  I will be more diligent on both.

Another friend reminded me of my resolution in leaving Facebook: The people who want to find me know where to look.  A fair number have actually sent emails, but I’ve been unforgivably slow in replying.  In my defense, work emails haven’t fared much better in recent weeks.  But I take the point that waiting until I find the time to write a proper letter, or to finally settling circumstances once and for all, has meant that I don’t make any timely reply.  That, too, will change.

DSC02847 (1300x867) (2)I’ll do a bit of backfill here and I’ll try to be more regular in writing ideas and in sharing pictures going forward.  And you should always know  that a koffie or bierje is on offer for those with time to spare among the Maas caf├ęs or walking the Poole beaches.

‘just drop me a line or a text.