Sunday, November 13, 2016

Misty morning, Maastricht

DSC05265 Stitch (1300x353)A damp and peaceful Sunday morning beneath dripping skies along the Maas.  I moved the car (late, but unticketed) and took a long wander around the old center.
DSC05317 (932x1300) DSC05228 (1300x867) (2)DSC05274 (1300x867) DSC05300 (867x1300)DSC05283 Stitch (1300x1132) DSC05257 (1300x867)
The Christmas decorations are almost all up, and the holiday chocolates are on display for Sinterklaas’ visit in a few weeks. Whie the twon square is still empty, waiting for the Market to arrive, the Bijenkorf already has their holiday windows up.
DSC05255 (1300x867) DSC05304 (1300x867)DSC05306 (1300x867) DSC05295 (1300x867)
Taking photos of familiar touchstones feels like econnecting with the city and the people, colourful bomen en paraplu's against grey kasseien en winkelpuien.
DSC05264 (1300x867)DSC05315 (1300x947)DSC05303 (1300x867) DSC05316 (1300x1052)DSC05289 (1300x867) DSC05273 (1300x867)