Friday, December 30, 2016

A Kew Christmas walk

DSC00021 (1300x867)Each year, Kew Gardens hosts a nighttime Christmas event in the arboretum, a walk filled with lights and music.  My w.wezen and I went a few years ago and found it enchanting.  Word of mouth for this year was good, so we got tickets and headed out into the year-end cold for a look.

Entry is via on-line ticket application: book for a specific time and get a couple of hours to wander a loop through the park.  There’s a small village with food and shops midway through, bathrooms and a kids play area.  Otherwise, it’s a leisurely stroll through a half-dozen set pieces, lots of lit trees, and several good performances. 

DSC00032 (1300x867) DSC00071 (1300x867) (2)

The stand-out arrangement this year was the five gold rings of  Christmas, cast in flaming yellows circles, each surrounding iconic sculptures from the song.

DSC00048 (1300x867) DSC00057 (1300x867)DSC00049 (1300x867)

I had a bit of fondness for the bauble-laden tree, marshmallows, and stage plays.

DSC00085 (1300x867) (2) DSC00062 (867x1300) (2)DSC00089 (867x1300) DSC00090 (1300x867)DSC00116 (1300x867) DSC00106 (867x1300) (2)

And the display of candles, and the light show over the lake, were both great.

DSC00124 (1300x867) (2) DSC00108 (1300x867)DSC00111 (1300x867) (2) DSC00125 (1300x867)

I think the only discordant bit was playing with hats in the gift shop afterwards…

DSC00119 (867x1300) (2) DSC00134 (867x1300) DSC00128 (867x1300) (2)

No worries, I didn’t purchase the pudding head.