Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Post surgical snowfields

We put in a good day’s work today, arriving at the hospital early with prototypes and engineers, then working with the physicians to verify that the whole system was operational.  For the  third time in three weeks, everything was flawless:, good data and good performance.

DSC01006 (1300x867) DSC01010 (867x1300) IMG_0201 DSC01017 (857x1300) IMG_0211 (2)

IMG_0203We were cleared to monitor a hernia repair, relatively quick and routine, so a good chance to see how the readings changed with administration and withdrawal.  It was nice to see the unit operate unaffected by other people and equipment in the OR, just as designed but still subject to demonstration.

Afterwards we all went out for a debrief with the staff, then were given a free hour before dinner. 

The sun hadn’t quite set on Nagyerdei Park across the street and we’d had a smattering of snow during the day.  It was nice to crunch along the trails around the frozen lakes and, as it turned out, I did get lucky with my light.

DSC01035 (1300x867) DSC01032 (837x1300)DSC01051 (1300x866)DSC01041 (867x1300) DSC01039 (1300x854)DSC01052 (1300x857)DSC01067 (1300x867) DSC01071 (1300x867)

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