Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bringing things back online

Pixl1051 (1200x900)After a fruitless month of trying various fixes for uploads to Google Blogger,  I’ve concluded that there isn’t a way forward with the platform. 

Unfortunately, its not the first time that the majors have stepped back from supporting products that I rely on.  But I’ve also learned from experience.  The best thing is to take the steps necessary to migrate to new services, ones with fewer bugs and better capability. In the end, I want a platform that best serves my audience and supports my authoring...

Pixl1780~2 (1300x1292)So, I’ve begun the transition, registering a domain and engaging a support consultant.  We’ll likely move the entire blog to a new platform in early July, with a new style template and, perhaps, additional personal pages.  From your perspective it should be seamless: no content will be lost and the addresses won’t change. 

My professional site, Stone Bridge Biomedical, should also re-launch at the same time.  While my two domains won’t be tightly joined, they will be more consistent and professional.

Pixl1856 (1300x975)In the meantime, I remain active on Instagram, can be reached by email, and am always available for a ramble along the beach or a biertje by the river.  Thanks again for reading, and for bearing with me during the migration.


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