Friday, April 21, 2017

Sorting out the issues

Pixl1167 (975x1300)There have been fewer blog posts of late because of numerous technical problems with too little time available to sort them.  Open Live Writer has only been able to publish intermittently because of an Error 500 associated with posting pictures.  Blogger stores photos in dedicated albums in Google Photos, and the interface is, at best, inconsistent. 

The project team at Github has suggested workarounds, but I’ve had mixed success in getting them running.  Test posts have, therefore, been popping up occasionally while I run potential fixes: I’m sorry for the spam and will hopefully get things to settle down shortly.

Pixl1135The camera also needed to go into the shop for another lens.  This is the third time that the camera has stopped recognising its own E-mount glass, its never in the body, but always in the lens recognition system.  I have replacement insurance with John Lewis, fortunately, but it leaves me without good photo support until the system comes back.  Hopefully it will be resolved next week.

Pixl1173 (1300x975)Finally, I updated the blog theme last week, slightly: Blogger has been changing its templates and a consultant suggested that uploads might start working if my migrated off of my 5-year-old standard.  The blog and photos migrated fine, but I’ll likely make more aesthetic adjustments in the coming month.

However, I’m still around and doing fine.  There’s lots to share once things get sorted, and as the workload eases up in the Netherlands and UK.